Hi! I'm Bill

I am a web developer, a communications manager, a digital marketer, a husband, a father, and an all around geek. I have been creating digital solutions for clients almost as long as there has been an internet to create digital solutions for – and I love that this online playground keeps growing and improving all the time. Take a look around! 



The first phase of any project.

This is more than picking colors, choosing fonts, and pushing pixels around a screen. Design starts with design thinking – fully understanding the problems we are trying to solve, recognizing all of the constraints of time and budget, asking the right questions that will lead to an elegant solution. Design is not just about the visuals. Design is getting to the right answer by making sure we are asking the right questions.

I’d love to talk with you about your project and the questions you might not even know to ask – let’s connect!


hands typing on a laptop keyboard


Making a plan is one thing, executing the plan is another matter altogether. You need to have the right skills. You need to communicate with the other people you are working with. You must adapt to change, manage expectations, and keep all the plates spinning. And much like a photographer working in a dark room, the final product comes into focus over time. Each step in the process ensuring the best results.

This is where I really “get to work” and combine my skills and knowledge with your skills and everything you know about your organization and your audience.

No one can do everything, but here’s a list of what I do (and a few things that I don’t).



Asking great questions, developing a good plan, and showing a lot of effort are all wasted if the final product isn’t what you asked for. I work hard to clarify your needs, develop a plan that meets or exceeds those needs and comes in at or under budget, and most of all – I work hard to deliver quality solutions. You shouldn’t get to the end of the project not knowing what the bill will be or if it will actually work.

I have worked with dozens of clients who got what they paid for and more. You can see a few of them in my portfolio