Contact Bill

If you want to talk about a potential opportunity, have a question about my work, or otherwise need to reach me, you have a few options.

TEAM "This could have been an email"

Fill out the form. I get an email sent to me.
Easy peasy.

TEAM "I like to meet people I work with"

You can use the form below to schedule a meeting (real or virtual) with me. This is connected to my calendar, so you shouldn’t have to worry about double booking me.

TEAM "Remember when people used to use phones for calls"

Not interested in all the technology and you just need to reach me? You can try giving me a call at 860.202.7078 – but I’m going to be honest with you: Unless you are already in my contacts, you are probably going to have to leave a message. Just like you, I get a ton of SPAM phone calls, and this is how I choose to deal with that problem. That being said, if you are a real person with a real question, I will call you back within a business day or two.