Client Canyon Creative

Long-term Consultant: Web Development • Digital Marketing • Email Marketing

I worked with Canyon Creative for well over a decade. They are a very talented team of designers, copy writers, marketing and branding specialists, and SEO optimizers.

Over the years, we worked on dozens and dozens of different projects. Some are old enough that they have been replaced, others have evolved far beyond the work I initially provided. Below is a small sampling of the kind of things I helped with.


Solving Problems and Understanding Constraints

Most of the time, the work I did with Canyon Creative was to turn completed design concepts into functional, beautiful, and mobile-optimized websites. Sometimes, those websites came with specific technical challenges – some of my favorite solutions are highlighted below.

THE CHALLENGE: In creating a new website for the Marshall Retail Group, Canyon Cretaive was asked to come up with a dynamically searchable and filterable map that could be quickly and easily updated with new locations. 

This looks like a problem that a WordPress plugin could probably fix, but when we created the site, there weren’t any options that worked within the design of the site or did everything that the client needed it to do.

This solution was developed custom for this site. Each location (airport, casino, etc.) can have multiple stores listed and it is all full-text searchable, reacting in real time.


THE CHALLENGE: How can we build a website that has a useful business directory for the general public, and a fully-featured portal for association members?

We built this site with an ambitious goal: create a website where association members could share leads with one another, send messages, share content, and pay dues and fees in a private, members only area, while also providing an up-to-date directory of businesses to the general public. 

The admin area is full of connections – people to businesses, people to meeting attendance, businesses and people to leads. There wasn’t a pre-built solution for this problem, so I built it all from scratch. I created custom types to handle leads, members, businesses, and events. Members log in and see a dshboard with up to date statistics on their meeting attendance and leads submitted.

Please note: this is a “members only” website, so I can’t link you to all of the features. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.


THE CHALLENGE: A commercial real-estate company needs an up-to-date listing of properties on their website, but also needs to be able to generate a weekly email with that information without re-entering all of that data.

After building a custom listing platform for commercial properties, we were challenged to make a way for the client to be able to use that up-to-date data to generate an email. Creating the email manually every week was taking hours to finish. I was able to develop a backend solution that would generate an email preview, and the code necessary with the push of a button. Now, when the company is ready to send it’s weekly email, it is as easy as cut and paste.


Additional Work

I helped create the Canyon Creative website from the designs the team provided.

Email Marketing Templates

I created hand coded email templates for insurance companies, Las Vegas Resorts & Hotels, Real Estate Companies, and more.

eCommerce Systems

From full-fledged onlne stores from scratch to customizing Shopify and other eCommerce platforms – I helped get businesses selling online.